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Sherston America publishes award-winning, research-based software solutions for education.
Creative curriculum content, software for inclusion, science peripherals and evidence-based assessment tools empower teaching and learning, stimulate creativity and equip learners with 21st century technology skills.
Curriculum Content
Sherston America's content solutions range from Pre-K to 8th grade in Literacy, Maths, Science, and Creativity and are available online or on CDRom.
Software for Inclusion
Sherston America's line of inclusion products is based on research and has a proven track record in special education, social and behavioral development, and cognition and learning. Their list of products like ReacTickles, the On Track series, Leaps and Bounds, etc. meet the requirements of IDEA. (Software for Inclusion: Products are listed in the Table of Contents and are noted with a Switch icon)
Sherston America publishes a range of evidence-based e-assessment tools that make it easier to deliver, manage, track and mark student's digital work.