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Personal expression and creativity for students with autism and young learners
Developed as part of a research project at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, ReacTickles provides an engaging and accessible computer environment for spontaneous imaginative play and learning.
ReacTickles provides a series of interactive “Tickles” through which young children, those pupils on the autistic spectrum and other learning disabilities are encouraged to use technology. Pupils can develop mouse, keyboard, whiteboard, switch and screen skills whilst being encouraged to communicate, to use fine motor skills and to work together. The software also works well within mainstream early years settings enabling very young children to interact and learn to communicate as individuals and within small groups.
ReacTickles 2 runs on interactive whiteboards, touch screens or any desktop or laptop and is accessible with input from a microphone, switch, keyboard, mouse or other adaptive devices.
ReacTickles for the SMART Table is uniquely designed for the multiuser, multi-touch environment ideal for groups and individual learners.


  • The design of ReacTickles maximises on the physical use of technology – more appropriate to pupils with special needs
  • ReacTickles accommodates the unique sensory needs of each pupil and these settings can now be saved to a unique user profile
  • ReacTickles Creativity Box teacher and pupil resources can now be accessed directly from within the application


  • Research-proved results show ReacTickles helps pupils develop concentration and attention skills, as well as encouraging sharing and imaginative play
  • Students engage with the playful ReacTickles interface and focus on improvisational activity
  • Learners gain confidence gained through repeating actions, with each “Tickle” offering a new and unique visual or auditory reward
  • Inspired by real world objects that children love to manipulate, Slinkies, lava lamps, spinning tops and coins, the ReacTickles environment offers a safe place to experience dynamic interaction where players freely explore abstract shapes and create rhythmic responses with their fingers and bodies without judgment or fear